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Shandong Union Furnishings was established almost decade years ago since 2015, is now a professional furniture supplier integrating design, production and sales. We are dedicated to production and exportation of furnishings, key products covering various of panel furniture for bedroom, dining room, living room and bathroom. 
Our products are for commercial distribution only, not for retail purpose.
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Customized Home Furnishings
 Customized Home Furnishings

Customized service

Customized Home Furnishings

Each of our categories-Coffee table, Side table, Computer table, Dressing table & TV stand caters to all customers in their own distinct designs. Unique solutions and customized production are both available! Our professional team is just here for you!
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    OEM & ODM Customization
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    Any Shape & Any Size
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For inquires about our products or pricelist, please leave to us and we will be in touch within 24hours.